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Jumat, 26 Juni 2015

Splash of Smile that Drop Behind

At the twilight, when i see you at the first sight
I was dazzled to see you
A pair of beautiful eyes behind the glasses
Pretty smile was throwing up from your thin lips
That made me want to more know you
I just able to staring you from afar
Thanks God, You created her so much adorable
Like an angel that makes me so impressed
Impressed of that pretty even smile
Seizing my attention that was imprisoned by pain
Like twilight that lost behind dark night
All appeared when was too late
And now, all has gone
Because we never see again
Maybe we didnt know each other
It felt so awkward
I exhale my heart to the air hope you will inhale it someday
I believe that we will meet again
When we have know each other
And when this feeling leave the awkward
A splash of smile that drop behind is always kept
In my heart even till I die

Beautiful woman with the black hijab

A Beautiful Woman with the Black Hijab

I looked at your beautiful eyes
I divert my eyes to you
That smile that always throwing up from your cute lips
Wear black hijab makes you look prettier
At the quiet corner, I put a million that longing to you
I just able to starong you from afar
Maybe you never realize that i’m here
Maybe my presence never felt by your side
And maybe you never realize all of it
Who knows how long you’ll realize that i’m here
Who knows how long my presence will be felt on you
Who knows how long that you think that i am a kid who dont understand what love is
But as you know, your presence almost make this kid who dont understand what love is being crazy

Materials and how to make cake donuts.

Materials and how to make cake donuts.
Materials :
  • Wheat flour ½ kg
  • 11 grams of instant yeast ½ pack
  • 4 tablespoons sugar
  • Chicken eggs 2 eggs
  • Boiled water 200 ml
  • Milk powder 3 tablespoons
  • 3 tbsp butter
  • 3 tsp salt
  • butter cream (that donut has a dry texture)
  • Cooking oil to taste.
As for the decoration of donuts, you can use sugar or flour can also with other ingredients such as cheese, butter, peanuts (chopped), and meisis brown.
Steps to make the donuts:
  1. Prepare a container (bowl or other) to mix the ingredients for donuts.
  2. Enter the eggs in a container, add also flour, sugar, milk, butter, butter cream, and salt, then whisk all ingredients until well blended. (First batter)
  3. Enter the yeast in the other container, add water, stir
  4. Enter the yeast water into the first mixture, stirring until smooth.
  5. Knead the dough by hand until smooth.
  6. Close the container, let stand about 30 minutes (until the dough).
  7. Form the dough into small spheres (use a tablespoon of that same size), and then save the dough which has been formed on the container that has been previously sprinkle flour. Complete these steps until all the dough is formed.
  8. Let stand back about 20 minutes until dough which had been formed earlier looks swell.
  9. Heat the pan using a small fire, and enter the cooking oil to taste.
  10. Take the dough which had been formed earlier, bolongi middle (donut shape in general), and fry until soft and slightly brown color, remove and drain.
  11. Sprinkle donut that has been fried with flour sugar, or if you want, can also smear the surface with butter then sprinkled on top toping using meisis, cheese, or peanut.
  12. Artificial Doughnut you ready to be served.

how to make order

Strawberry instant pudding jelly cups recipe
This simple pudding recipe is quite simply a party in a cup. Layers of brightly coloured sweet treats will delight kids – who’ll love to help to mix everything up.

Serving Size:



  • 1 packet strawberry instant pudding
  • 1 packet of lime jelly
  • 8 clear plastic 200ml capacity cups
  • 3 cups Kellogg’s Froot Loops


Make the instant pudding and the jelly as per the packet instructions.
Fill the cups with instant pudding mix up to 1/3 and allow to set in fridge while jelly is cooling.
Sprinkle 1/4 of the Kellogg’s Froot Loops over the pudding and top to 2/3 with the cooled jelly, allow to set in fridge until firm.
Just before serving add the remaining Kellogg’s Froot Loops over the cups for extra crunch.


  • Serve with fresh berries.
  • Try this with Kellogg’s Coco Pops and vanilla instant pudding.
  • This recipe was created by Kellogg’s nutritionists.

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how to make kites

 2 bamboo blade, glue, oil paper, yarn, knife, small weighing-machine, scissors and ruler 

1. first measure and cut of uniform length bamboo, last whittled to use knife 
2. afterwards weighing to use small weigh-machine until [is] same weight. 
3. then make attributed to beat framework [is] yarn 
4. next paste up oil paper use glue [at] framework 
5. last await run dry the glue, so that the kite [is] ready to controled the flight of

tugas softkill bahasa inggris 2

1. What is relative clause ! explain and find a passage then you determine its relative clause.
Relative clause is part of the sentences (clause) which specifies the person or thing that precedes it. The term relative clauses with adjective clause. Mentioned adjective clause because he explains things or people that preceded them. Mentioned relative clause because connect (me-Relate) the thing or person is the phrase on the back. Relative clauses begin with the preposisition who, whom, whose, which, that, with, the following functions :
Who : describe the person as a subject
Whom : present state of the object (replace me, you, us, him, her, them, it)
Whose : describing people as owners (replacing my, your, our, his, her, their, its)
Which : describing things as subject or object
That : explains a good person or thing as the subject or object
Example :
The man is walking on the road.
He is my father.
= The man who is walking on the road is my father.
2. What is conditional sentences ! how many types of conditional sentences are there ? make examples for each type !
Conditional Sentence is a sentence that contains the assumption is often called a conditional sentence where an event will be fulfilled if the condition is met. In a sentence of conditional sentences, there are two clauses, namely: main clause and the if clause.
The types of conditional sentence:       3
  1. Type I (future)
This first type of conditional sentences refer to future events (future) so the fact or facts of his statement is still a possibility that may happen or may not happen. The first type of conditional pattern is as follows:
If + simple present, future tense
if + Simple Present, will-Future
examples :
  • If he come tomorrow, I will be at home.
  • If  opik meets tatjana, he will be happy.
  • If Aghnia wants, she can come everytime.
  • If I find her address, I will send her an invitation.
  • I will send her an invitation if I find her address.
  1. Type II (present)
Sentence type II modality is a modality for the present sentence kaliamat which is contrary to the events occurring in the present (present). So the facts in the present tense.b. Type II (present). Sentence type II modality is a modality for the present sentence kaliamat which is contrary to the events occurring in the present (present). So the facts in the present tense.
If + simple past tense, past future tense
If + Simple Past, main clause with Conditional I (= would + Infinitive)
examples :
  • If I had my own car, I would go there my self
  • if I had money now, I would buy more things
  • If I wanted, I could force him to come now.
  • If I found her address, I would send her an invitation.
  • If John had the money, he would buy a Ferrari.
  1. Type III (past)
Type III conditional sentence is a sentence modality for the past where the sentence is contrary to the reality that happened in the past (past). So should the fact that in the past tense.
If + past perfect tense, past perfect future
If + Past Perfect, main clause with Conditional II
examples :
  • If I had chosen the right one, I would not have.
  • If I had found her address, I would have sent her an invitation.
  • I would have sent her an invitation if I had found her address.
  • If I hadn’t studied, I wouldn’t have passed my exams.
  • If Andro had Realize how hurt it was for me, He would have said sorry.