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Jumat, 26 Juni 2015

Splash of Smile that Drop Behind

At the twilight, when i see you at the first sight
I was dazzled to see you
A pair of beautiful eyes behind the glasses
Pretty smile was throwing up from your thin lips
That made me want to more know you
I just able to staring you from afar
Thanks God, You created her so much adorable
Like an angel that makes me so impressed
Impressed of that pretty even smile
Seizing my attention that was imprisoned by pain
Like twilight that lost behind dark night
All appeared when was too late
And now, all has gone
Because we never see again
Maybe we didnt know each other
It felt so awkward
I exhale my heart to the air hope you will inhale it someday
I believe that we will meet again
When we have know each other
And when this feeling leave the awkward
A splash of smile that drop behind is always kept
In my heart even till I die

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