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Rabu, 22 April 2015


1.       Mention the kinds of pronoun !
 Make sentences for each kind !
2.       The are 3 types of question i what are they ? ( explain )
Give the examples for thase 3 types !


1.      Subjective pronouns ( I,  you, we, he, she, it )
Objective pronouns ( me, us, you, him, her, it, them )

Ø  Subjective pronouns =  we students are demanding that the administration give us two hours for winch.
Ø  Objective pronouns= the administration has managed to put US students in a bad situation.

2.      There are 3 types of questions !
Ø  Closed Questions = invite a short fowsed answer ! to closed Questions can often ( but not always) be elther right or wrong.
Ex = would you like a cup of tea ?

Ø  Open Questions = by contrast, to closed questions allow for much longer responses and there fore potentially more creativity and information.
Ex = how was school today ?

v  Recall and process questions
= question can also be categorized by whether they are ‘recall’- requiring something to be remembered or recalled, or ‘process’- requiring some deeper thought and/or analysis.
Ex = what is your mother’s maiden name ?

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