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Jumat, 09 Maret 2012

10 kalimat Simple Present Tense dan Simple Past Tense

Simple Present Tense

1.(+) I usually wake up at 6 in the morning.
   (-)I usually do not wake up at 6 in the morning
   (?)Do I usually wake up at 6 in the morning?

2.(+) Father eats banana twice a day.
   (-)Father does not eat banana twice a day.
   (?)Does father eat banana twice a day?

3.(+)  Supri loves his pants.
    (-)Supri does not love his pants.
   (?)Does Supri love his pants?

4.(+)  The sun rise from east.
    (-)The sun do not rise from east.
    (?). Do the sun rise from east?

5.(+)  My sister is a good girl.
   (-). My sister is not a good girl.
   (?)Is my sister a good girl ?

6. (+) I go to school everyday
    ( -) I don’t go to school everyday
     (?) Do you go to school everyday?

7.  (+) Amir goes to school everyday
   (-) He doesn’t go to school everyday
      (?) Does Amir go to school everyday?

8. (+) She eats noodles everyday
    (-) She does not eat noodles everyday
    (?) Does she eat noodles everyday?

9. . (+) You study English at MEC every day.
      (-) You don't study English at MEC every day.
      (?) Do you study English at MEC every day?

 10.(+) I drink coffee
      (-)  I do not drink coffee.
      (?)  DO you drink cofee?

Simple Past Tense
1.        1. (+) My Father bought this car last year
     (-) My father didn't bought this car last year
     (?) Did my father buy this car last year??
2.     2.   (+)  They went to Tokyo last month
   (-) They didn't go to Tokyo last month
   (?) Did they go to Tokyo last month?

3.      3.  (+) She went home two minutes ago
   (-) She did not go home two minutes ago
   (?) When did she go home?

4.       4. (+)  I finished my homework two days ago
     (-) I didn’t finish my homework two days ago.
     (?) Did you finish your homework two days ago?

5.     5.    (+) We went to Surabaya
    (-) We didn't go to Surabaya.
    (?) Did we go to Surabaya?

6.      6.  (+) You lived in Japan
   (-) You didn't live in Japan
   (?) Did you live in Japan?

7.     7.   (+)  They stayed at the Vivaldi Hotel
   (-) They didn't stay at the Vivaldi Hotel
   (?) Did they stay at the Vivaldi Hotel?

8.      8.  (+)  Rani went to Borobudur Yesterday
   (-)   Rani did not go to borobudur Yesterday
   (?)  Did Rany go to borobudur Yesterday ?

9.     9.   (+)  Rani Killed Desy Last Night
   (-)  Rani did not Kill Desy Last Night
   (?)  did Rani Kill Desy Last Night ?

1 . 10.   (+) You called me yesterday.
   (-) You didn’t call me yesterday.
   (?)  Why did you call me yesterday?

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